Pick up a stylus and begin a creative journey.

Sketching and Drawing

Go beyond the limitation of traditional drawing tools and enjoy a total freedom and flexibility in your creative work.

Stylus Technology

The pressure sensitivity of the stylus is twice that of the previous generation, improving the precision of strokes.

Screen Features

Vibrant colors, ultra-high definition; anti-glare glass effectively reduces screen reflections.

A Tool for Editing

It is compatible with most creative programs, like Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, CorelDRAW, 3ds Max, GIMP, and more. You can easily switch among the ones you preferred. Beginners can easy editing, taking notes and drawing.

Portable Design

S Series Drawing Tablet comes with 2 OTG adapters. It provides more freedom for you to create or study without interruption all day.

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🌈Create fantastic world on digital drawing tablet. Explore new ideas and stimulate elearning interest by hands-on online education. Everyone is a magician. 🤠#UGEEFeature#SparkInspirationWithUGEE

Free Shipping

Free in US/AU/Asia, $9.99 in EU.

Product Warranty

12-month warranty for all orders.

Quality Control

Testing covers machinery & systems.

Flexible Payment

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