UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640
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UGEE Drawing Tablet S640

The drawing tablet is a good partner for Online Education. The pen tablet offers excellent experience for online teaching and learning. It also suits your home office. Perfect for taking note, jotting down ideas, and business signature during web conferencing and remote working. The pen can replace your mouse during your video conference.
€59,29 €48,19
UGEE Drawing Tablet S640

UGEE Drawing Tablet S640

€59,29 €48,19

Customer Reviews

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Nice work!

Very good product for its price. It gets some times and practice to learn how to draw with it. But overall really good. Been using it with my Macbook and my phone. All platforms work great with.

Very Slim and portable

The thickness of the tablet is so thin, you'll feel like drawing on a piece of paper. The nip's stylus is standard size but you get enough number of nips. Overall, this product is suitable for beginners. Suitable for teachers who wanted to scribble on certain whiteboard apps.

Good choice

Item has no damage or scratches, everything is in it. I have tested it and very happy that I choose Ugee


very useful. Save money. Sellers ship quickly. Logistics is also okay. There is no problem with receiving things. Thanks to the seller.

Cool thing!

This stuff is so cool and easy to us! This item is well packed! Good job to the seller!








Phone Adapter

8 Hot Keys

Broad Compatibility

Paper-like Writing

You can capture inspiration as it strikes and have your ideas with you at all times.

Unbelievably Portable

Art tablet with stylus can replace the computer mouse and keyboard to enhance your workflow, much easier for handwriting, annotate with stylus for online eductation, e-learning, remote working and web conference.

Online Teaching and Working

Start here, turn your enchanted moments into digital art.
With up to 8192 pressure sensitivity level and 60° tilt function, the battry-free stylus precisely captures varying levels of pressure, so you can create natural-looking lines with different widths and thicknesses. It offers the same feeling as you draw with pencil or brush.

Creat lines with a natural feel

With a simple setup and easy-to use design, the UGEE Pen Tablet offers the most natural, traditional, painting-like experience but with all the advantages of a digital environment. Whether you are a student or a beginner artist, you can start your creative digital journey straightaway and turn your most enchanted moments into digital art.

Your first tablet for drawing or eLearning

Product description
  • 【System requirements】Pen tablet support Mac/Windows/Android: Not only compatible with Mac,Windows and Linux, UGEE S640 drawing tablet also supports Android 6.0 or later via an included OTG adapter to turn your phones or tablets into a digital drawing canvas.
  • 【Battery-free digital pen 】Digital stylus is always ready whenever you want to create. 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and virtually no lag delivers both precision and control to your drawing and writing. 60°Tilt control bring more natural lines and enhance creative performance, provide you better pressure detection and accurate cursor positioning with different angles, restore the true feeling of painting.
  • 【Digital pad】Customizable Shortcut Keys - Drawing tablet with 10 Customized Press Keys, all customizable and easy to set up. 6.3×4 inches sufficient compact working area. Digital pad with USB-C interface, simpler and faster connection. Anti-slip Mats on the back can prevent the drawing tablet from dropping easily down when you focus on drawing.
  • 【Portable】Drawing tablet is slim and light design allows you to take it anywhere like classroom, business trip,etc. UGEE S640 graphics tablet is a convenient tool for e-learning and remote teaching. It will help you engage in an interactive virtual classroom anywhere, anytime. UGEE S640 only needs 2 hours for charging, enough for 10 hours of full-time drawing.
  • 【Widely Application】This easy-to-use pen tablet is perfect for kids and beginners for drawing,animation,photo-editing or design work in most programs including Adobe Photoshop, paint tool sai, illustrator, corel draw, corel painter, sketchbook, manga studio, clip studio paint and more, meet all your needs for every subject with online tutoring softwars: Power Point, Wrod, OneNote, PDF etc.

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Product Warranty

12-month warranty for all orders.

Quality Control

Testing covers machinery, systems and coating.

Flexible Payment

Secure payment with credit card or Paypal.

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Product Q&A
1. Can the product be used on Chromebook or Windows?

Yes, it can used on chromebook, no need for driver, just plug and play. Download drivers at if you using Windows, Mac, Linux, Debian and etc. 

2. How do I charge the pen?

And the pen is battery-free, no need to charge.

3. Does this come with replacement pen tips?

Yes, the included pen has 10 spare nibs that can be accessed by unscrewing the rear of the body.

4. How do I start drawing?

Connect our drawing tablet to your computer with the USB-A to USB-C cable, open your drawing app, such as Photoshop, Illustration, PaintBrush, to start drawing.

5. Is it all hand eye coordination or is there a display that lets you see where you’re drawing?

U Series drawing tables come with a display. M series and S series are drawing board without a display.

6. I am just starting to do animation mostly using scratch and drawing with the mouse. Would this be compatible with scratch?

yes, it's best used in softwares like Scratch, Adobe illustrator/photoshop, ArtRage, Autodesk Sketchbook, Corel Painter, FireAlpaca, Microsoft, Serif Affinity Photo,Substance Painter,TVPaint Animation, MS paint, SAI, GIMP2 and so on.

7. Do you have to press and hold button on pad in order to erase? Or is there a toggle button on the pen to erase?

There are 2 toggle buttons on the pen and u can costumize it to whatever you want.

8. Is there an input delay?

No, there are no reports of lag with this unit. If you have any issues using or setting up the tablet please contact us.

9. Is this designed for left handed people as well?

Yes, it is! The whole tablet is perfectly symmetrical making it usable for both left, and right-handed people. Even the buttons too, you have button set on both right and left.

10. Do i need a laptop to use this device?

UGEE drawing tablet does require a PC or Mac in order to function. It could be a laptop or a desktop.

11. Will the pen work on an iPad?

No, it will not.


Active Area: 6.3 x 4 Inches
Express Buttons: 10Express Keys
Pen tablet support Mac/Windows/Android
Slim and light design allows you to take it anywhere
Digital pad with USB-C interface, simpler and faster connection
Batterry-free digital stylus is always ready whenever you want to create.

Package includes:
1x UGEE S640 Pen Tablet
1x P01 Battery-free Stylus
1x Pen-extractor
1x Pack-Nibs
1x USB-A to USB-C Cable ( L-shaped)
1X USB to USB-C Adapter
1x USB to Micro USB Adapter
1x Quick Guide