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Best sellers UGEE Drawing tablet

UGEE M708 Drawing tablet

UGEE M708 Drawing tablet is the ideal digital drawing tablet working with your computer for creative art work in a efficientt way for pro and amatures in all age...

What People Are Saying

Andrade John

Great Tablet for Online Teaching

"Bought a tablet to help my wife with her remote teaching during the pandemic. Use this to write on the whiteboard in Google meet as well as zoom. Basically was plug and play. Worked great and made her job a lot easier maybe wish I'd gotten a wireless version but this one works fine."

Jonathan D.

Happy with the Purchase

"As a beginner I think this is great! I'm using it with autodesk sketchbook and this device does everything I need it to. The touch sensitivity is awesome, and it feels very natural."

Chivago W.

Love it so much

"Great product, software is highly customizable, very responsive and accurate just the only things I have a complaint about is I use this for hours at a time and the pen is uncomfortable and makes my fingers cramp and the sensitivity isn’t too customizable it’s either too fast or too slow but other than that wow I love this tablet"

Chuck Smart

Multifunctional and works well

"Well done. Big working area, installs easily with Plug and Play on my Windows 10 laptop, no CD or downloading needed. Also no recharging of the pen is needed, and there are handy speed buttons (Brush size +, Brush Size -, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Undo, Hand Control, Brush tool, Eraser Tool) that work without any programming, setup, etc. Hassle free."

Emma P.

Satisfying performance

"So far this tablet has been great for use with Photoshop. I did have a problem with it not wanting to recognize brush settings but a quick google search found the solution via the FAQs. The pen is battery-free and the tablet responds well to pen pressure. "

Abi Evans

Super easy plug and play

"Love the nice big surface. I'm a teacher and trying to correct papers that students have sent pics of us a breeze with this writing surface. You can use plain old Paint, which is what I have been using. Eventually I might download their program but don’t have the time to learn a new one. Works just like a mouse."

Ryan Wood

Great Drawing Tablet

"Bought this to get back into drawing stuff on my pc. Tablet feels like it's built solid and comes with couple of tips for the Stylus,2 drawing gloves,cleaning wrag and a brush for dusting. Just plug and play its ready to go great with Adobe Photoshop Elements."

Jada Hogan

Great tool for drawing!

"Easy to install and even easier to get drawing as long as you have some kind of software to use. For those on an extreme budget, or anyone who wants to get started with digital art. I highly recommend this tablet."

Diana Galan

Amazing for digital art

"So, I've been doing digital illustration for eleven years, using a mouse for all of those. I purchased this and got it yesterday and I can already use it really well. This product is amazing and really worth the money you pay. You don't have to charge the pen or anything, making it so easy to just plug your tablet in and draw. This really is a wonderful product and has already helped me get back into drawing regularly."

Marcela T.

Budget pen tablet

"As a digital artist on a budget, I was going to hold off and save up for a much more expensive tablet, but I decided to buy this instead for the moment, and I must say money well spent. this Graphics tablet is worth every penny! I use it almost every day and is great for people who have little experience with graphics tablets. I like the little pre programmed buttons on the side and overall its a great tablet. "

Julie R.

Excellent Tablet

"I occasionally use my UGEE graphics tablet for image editing and drawing. This is my first tablet. I'm not super tech-savvy but I set it up with no problems, and it's easy to use. The price was great. I'm a satisfied customer! "

Deborah J.

I am impressed

"My son is a newbie graphic artist and was really wanting an expensive screen, but I got him this one first. He needs to show proficiency in this. He was pleasantly surprised, finds it easy to work with, and likes the glove that came with it. He used it for school work (drawing for geometry class) and even in some games (I guess, I don't understand it). He said it has applications beyond just art, that's the point."