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Q8W Bluetooth Graphic Tablet

10 hours of use | Battery-free pen | 8-inch | No Shortcut Keys | Bluetooth 5.0

U Series Drawing Monitor

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Other Monitors 100% sRGB VS ugee U Series 127% sRGB

other monitors 100% sRGB

other drawing monitor 100% sRGB

ugee U Series 127% sRGB

ugee drawing monitor 127% sRGB

More Than a Drawing Monitor

  • Digital Drawing

  • Online Teaching&Learning

  • Extend Your Display

  • Game Playing

ugee U series can be connected to computer or android device by a single USB-C to USB-C cable, perfect for digital drawing, sketching, photo editing, animation drawing, graphic design and 3D artwork.

Simplify your study and work with the ugee Drawing Monitor. Replace your mouse in online education, teleconferencing, editing and annotation, as well as taking notes and making digital signatures with ease.

Not just limited to drawing and design applications, the Ugee drawing monitor is a versatile tool that can enhance your digital experience in many ways. Whether you're reading e-books or e-comics, this monitor can be seamlessly connected to extend your screen and provide you with a superior viewing experience. So why settle for an ordinary display when you can take your digital pursuits to the next level with the Ugee drawing monitor?

Experience your games like never before with the ugee Drawing Monitor. Connect to your Switch and enjoy large, clear game images on the 15.4-inch screen.

digital drawing
online teaching or learning
extend your display
game playing

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How to Get Started?

  • 1. How to Connect Drawing Monitor to Computer

    1. Black USB goes to the computer’s USB port

    2. HDMI cable goes to the computer’s HDMI port

    3. Red USB goes to the computer’s USB port or power adapter

    4. Extension Cord can ONLY be connected to RED USB

    5. USB-C end goes to 3-in-1 cable USB-C port on the tablet

    Learn More
  • 2. How to Install and Setup Drawing Monitor Driver on Windows Computer

  • 3. How to Install and Setup Drawing Monitor Driver on MacOS Computer

  • 4. Compatible Systems&Software

    Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Anroid and Chrome OS. Also compatible with Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop CC / Illustrator / LightRoom / Corel Painter / Autodesk MAYA / Pixologic ZBrush / Macromedia Flash / Comic Studio / SAI and etc.drawing software.

    List of compatible Android Devices

Portable Drawing Tablet For Students

S Series

  • 10/12 customizable shortcut keys
  • 6.3 x 4/10 x 6.27 inch Active Drawing Area
  • battery-free stylus with two shortcut buttons

Gives you precise control and a smooth drawing experience

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ugee m708

Preferred choice for thousands of beginners


  • 10 x 6 inch active area
  • 8 customizable shortcut keys
  • Upgraded PD1 battery-free stylus

Take Your First Step Into Digital Drawing Now

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ugee good design award

Recommended By

ugee's product is the most cost-effective digital tablet I've ever used, and in terms of features I think it's perfectly adapted to beginner users and is a very good choice.


Una tableta práctica a la que te puedes adaptar rápidamente, la U1600 es una gran opción para tener una tableta con pantalla ¡La recomiendo mucho


As a professional artist, I used to work on more advanced drawing monitors, but as an entry-level device, UGEE1600 has a great price to spec balance

Life Drawing Academy

I've owned a few of these types of cheaper drawing pads, and none have delivered such smooth, pressure sensitive responsiveness. This is class A on the cheap. Excellent!

Laurica Z.

I really liked this drawing tablet. It was very easy to set up and hook up to my computer. It was easy to get used to and it’s helpful to draw digitally. The pen also can be used on search engines like Google or Firefox. It makes the drawing process a lot quicker. The surface of the tablet is smooth, and makes it easier to drag the pen across.


This drawing tablet was fine. My daughter loves to do art, so we wanted this for her. Of course it also works well for school or work.

B. McCarthy

Easy to set up, great for getting into digital art. Best in class for it's price.

Elden J.

For the price, this is fantastic for an amateur digital artist. Bright screen with great range of viewing angles. Easy setup. Couldn't be happier.

Dan O.

I have never used a drawing tablet before. I am pleased with the ease of use of this one, and can recommend it to other beginners.

S. Wussow

Much easier to use and I can definitely see this be great for beginners learning to digitally draw and is on a budget. It is small and great to travel with. You can even use it on your Android phone which I thought was awesome, especially since there's a lot of great apps out there on the Play store for digital drawing.

C. Tony

My 12 year old LOVES her new drawing pad. It is easy to set up and use and start being artistic. Great deal for the price, as I have had others that are more and do not do what this tablet does. Great size screen, easy to use and worth the value.

Amber L.

Our niece is incredibly creative and frequently visits. She loves working on digital art, but doesn't have a great tablet for it. This separate tablet is perfect and connects easily to her PC.

Geoff. A

Works very well for a beginner. It takes some getting used to, but it works

Sara. M