Ultimate Guide to Choosing Drawing a Tablet with Screen for Photo Editing

Whether for digital artistry or photography, having a comprehensive tool can truly make a difference in both the quality and efficiency of artwork. Drawing monitor, or known as drawing tablet with screen, is an essential for detailed photo editing and intricate artwork creating. While finding a comprehensive one that fits into a tight budget may lead to inevitable regrets or compromises in terms of functions or expenses. So how to choose one on a budget? Let’s move on.


Question here, why a drawing tablet with a screen is essential?

Traditional drawing tablet, while still useful, always requires user to look at the separate monitor when creating, which lead to a disconnect between hand movements and visual feedback. Drawing tablet with a screen eliminates this issue by allowing artists to perform actions just on the display, rendering a more immersive and intuitive experience.

Especially for photo editing, the ability to see and retouch your work in real-time on the same surface can greatly enhance precision and streamline workflow. Same for video editors, it enables them to seamlessly cut, trim and rearrange clips while simultaneously viewing the final result. This is not only efficiency-boosting but also ensures that every transition is visually appealing.


So what matters for a drawing monitor tailored for photographers?

Color accuracy goes firstly without saying. A wide color gamut ensures that the monitor can display a vast range of colors, thus allowing for precise color correction and further editing. High color gamut also opens up a more limitless exploration by experimenting with different shades and tones while maintaining fidelity to the original vision.

Resolution cannot be ignored. High resolution is crucial for detailed photo retouching. A minimum of Full HD(1920 x 1080) is recommended as a threshold that enables to remove blemishes, calibrate hues and enhance textures. This level of resolution provides a solid foundation for retouching purpose while maintaining sufficient detail and clarity. Definitely, the higher the resolution, the more information there is to work with, reaching even impeccable results, but also at a price.

Drawing monitor is always adaptive with a stylus, serving as a wand in replacement of mouse and hands. As for the parameters of stylus, pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition matter. Over 8192-level pressure allows for preciser control over the intensity of your retouching, dodging or burning pictures as your will.

For the next-level productivity, the customizable shortcut keys stand out. By allowing quick access to frequently used functions with just a single keystroke, shortcuts can greatly streamline your workflow with high efficiency.   This consistency also eliminates the need for mental readjustment when switching between various tools and navigating through complex interfaces.

Sweeping all the above-mentioned features, ugee UE16 Drawing Monitor emerges as a somewhere between feature-packed and affordable option for both artists and photographers.


Best drawing tablet with screen on a budget

The UE16 is a 15.4-inch full HD monitor that combines ultra-high color gamut up to 143% sRGB, a maximum brightness of 220 cd/m2 and 1000:1 contrast ratio, weighing only 1.28kg(2.8 pounds). The UE16 makes no compromises other than weight.

In addition to the device itself, the included stylus, U-Pencil, is sure to be reckoned with. Equipped with stunning 16K levels of pressure sensitivity, this battery-free stylus yields fine control over line thickness and opacity, making it perfect for both drawing and retouching. Whether you want to subtly blend hues or make bold adjustments, this stylus ensures accuracy and finesse in every stroke.

Productivity is crucial for creative professionals, and the UE16 addresses this with 10 physical shortcut keys on the left side and 16 floating shortcuts on the display. The duet of shortcuts are all customizable, allowing to tailor personal workspace according to your preferences. By having easy access to personalized functions at fingertip or pen nib, you can focus more on unleashing creativity rather than getting bogged down with repetitive tasks.

Just imagine a brightly lit studio or a cozy home office where the UE16 dwells, and you are wielding the U-Pencil to retouch raw pictures. The vibrant monitor allows you to see every detail clearly, while the shortcuts help you switch between tools and functions seamlessly. Meeting the deadline seems to be even accelerated and enlightened.