UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708

UGEE M708 Drawing tablet is the ideal digital drawing tablet working with your computer for creative art work in a efficientt way for pro and amatures in all age.
$63.99USD $54.99USD
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UGEE Drawing Tablet M708

UGEE Drawing Tablet M708

$63.99USD $54.99USD
UGEE M708 Drawing tablet is the ideal digital drawing tablet working with your computer for creative art work in a efficientt way for pro and amatures in all age;


No More Space Restriction for Creativity
Ever feels interupted when creating art work when drawing in small size tablet;
The large active surface acrea with 10 by 6 inch allows you to focus on your creativity rather than the boundries;

Papery Drawing Experience
The textured surface coating offers you a paper-like surface when drawing on the tablet with the stylus pen;
2048 level of sensitivity provides you accurate line of drwing with different width and opacity or special brush effect according to the pressure you push the pen on the tablet;

Customizable Hot Keys Improves Productivity
The 8 customizable hot keys can be defined by user freely in the control panel setting;
You can set them in copy, delete, zoom in and out, undo and more short cuts like this for your creative software
Ideal for professional artist, designer,creater as well as for beginner in all ages;

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Wilbur Boyes
Its amazing!

My mom bought me this board for Christmas 2021 and it works amazingly. the glove fits very well. and the feel of the board and glide of the pen is on point. thank you for making my digital art easier and the cost very affordable!


UGEE Drawing Tablet M708

Grace M. Green
Fantastic tablet

Works in all operating systems, drivers are great and work in Linux too. The tablet has a small footprint for its size.

Great tools for online note taking

Love the product! And the size of the drawing tablet as well! This tool have helps me alot with my lessons.

It works!

Bought this tablet for drawing and it works great especially at this price

Product Q&A
1. Can the product be used on Chromebook or Windows?

Yes, it can used on chromebook, no need for driver, just plug and play. Download drivers at if you using Windows, Mac, Linux, Debian and etc. 

2. How do I charge the pen?

And the pen is battery-free, no need to charge.

3. Does this come with replacement pen tips?

Yes, the included pen has 10 spare nibs that can be accessed by unscrewing the rear of the body.

4. How do I start drawing?

Connect our drawing tablet to your computer with the USB-A to USB-C cable, open your drawing app, such as Photoshop, Illustration, PaintBrush, to start drawing.

5. Is it all hand eye coordination or is there a display that lets you see where you’re drawing?

U Series drawing tables come with a display. M series and S series are drawing board without a display.

6. I am just starting to do animation mostly using scratch and drawing with the mouse. Would this be compatible with scratch?

yes, it's best used in softwares like Scratch, Adobe illustrator/photoshop, ArtRage, Autodesk Sketchbook, Corel Painter, FireAlpaca, Microsoft, Serif Affinity Photo,Substance Painter,TVPaint Animation, MS paint, SAI, GIMP2 and so on.

7. Do you have to press and hold button on pad in order to erase? Or is there a toggle button on the pen to erase?

There are 2 toggle buttons on the pen and u can costumize it to whatever you want.

8. Is there an input delay?

No, there are no reports of lag with this unit. If you have any issues using or setting up the tablet please contact us.

9. Is this designed for left handed people as well?

Yes, it is! The whole tablet is perfectly symmetrical making it usable for both left, and right-handed people. Even the buttons too, you have button set on both right and left.

10. Do i need a laptop to use this device?

UGEE drawing tablet does require a PC or Mac in order to function. It could be a laptop or a desktop.

11. Will the pen work on an iPad?

No, it will not.


Technology: Electromagnetic Digitizer
Active Area: 10 x 6 Inches
Resolution: 5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 Levels
Report Rate: 233 RPS(Revolutions Per Second)
Express Buttons: 8 Express keys
Reading Height: 10mm
Interface Support: USB Cable

1×Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet
1×Drawing Pen
1×USB Cable
1×Pen Holder(Including 8 pen nibs, 1 pen clipper)
1xPair of white glove
1×English User Manual








M708 adopts advanced passive pen technology to realizes paperless digital sketching. It brings you a more convenient creation and painting experience. Users can connect it to a computer and use the stylus to input and draw on the board. It can be used in multimedia painting, teaching and office work.

Large Active Area

8 Hot Keys

Real Time Strokes

Universal Compatibility

8 Customizable Shortcut Keys

The graphic art tablet comes with eight customzable press keys on the left side of the tablet, and you can set up the shortcuts according to your perference.

8192 Pressure Technology Stylus

This graphics tablet pen features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Passive stylus supports tilting 0-60 degrees. What's important, our stylus drawing pen can switch between pen and eraser at will, which offer no-lag sketch painting experience.

Online teaching & conference widely uses large sensitive working area.

Pro design UGEE M708 graphic drawing tablet, 10x6 inch ample active drawing space with papery texture suface. Large active area allows you to release your inspiration ideally. Provides enormous and smooth drawing experience for your digital artwork creation.

This digital drawing tablet not only provides you with spacious working area but also a true paper-feel drawing experience.

Preferred Choice for Thousands of Beginners

Apart from commonly used operation system, our R&D team has done more research and driver design for Linux, which support the tablet to be used in most platforms.

Powerful Compatibility

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